free trial session

We’ll start with a free trial session. No strings attached. We’ll use it to find out if, and how, we could work together.

We’ll generally meet for weekly or bi-weekly coaching sessions. We’ll start by making a plan together. I will help you set goals and achieve them. 

The core of my lessons is singing songs, and fixing whatever challenges arise there. No boring exercises. Exercises only directly support your songs.

Singing is fun. I make sure my singing lessons are too. Even if you want to become, or already are, a pro. Why would you want to become a pro singer if you don’t enjoy singing? If you’re having fun, you’ll practice more, and improve faster. 

goals & programs

If you like we can follow one of my popular programs during our coaching sessions: 

  • ABC Voice Model Mastery: you’ll learn the ins and outs of the ABC Voice Model. This will help you unlock your full singing potential. And you’ll be able to fix most of your vocal challenges yourself.
  • Home Recording for Singers: you’ll learn how to record radio-worthy songs from your own home. And how to publish them on Spotify, Apple Music, social media etc. Within a couple of weeks, your first published song can be online.
  • Range Booster: for a period, we’ll just focus on increasing your functional vocal range.
  • Performance Prep: we’ll get you ready for an important performance/audition. We’ll look at song choice, performance and your mental game.

who do i coach?

I coach ambitious singers,  14+, in the styles surrounding pop music. Rock, Jazz, Blues, Soul, Country, R&B etc. No classical. There’s better coaches for that 🙂

I don’t care about your starting level. I do care about your ambition. I’m going to challenge you. A lot. I’m going to help you improve greatly and in record times. But this does require some time and effort from your side. Sorry to say it, but there’s no magic pill. You’ll have to work at it. 

That being said. Using the ABC Voice Model, my method, can sometimes feel like a magic pill. It can kickstart your growth and gives instant results.


song based coaching

In the end. No one dreams of singing amazing scales. You want to sing songs.

So we’ll generally start a session with a song you pick. You tell me what it is you want to work on, and I’ll serve you as best as I can. If we need some exercises or scales to work on a specific challenge in the song we’ll do so. But only to directly benefit the song. This combined with the ABC Voice Model, you’ll improve lightning fast, in a playful, enjoyable manner.

physical vs online coaching

There’s pros and cons to both.

My studio is in Elst UT in The Netherlands. You’re welcome to come there. But for most singers, we’re going to do online coaching.

Because of the pandemic, I started coaching online, and found out this actually works very well. And it’s super convenient. No travel times. From the comfort of your own home.

Combined with the ABC Singer community, online coaching is a gamechanger.



why do i coach singers?

I can explain this best with a short story.

I had just started the second year of my bachelor of music at the ArtEZ Pop Academy in Enschede. There was new vocal coach. He told us: “Next lesson, prep a song that’s way out of your league. I’m gonna help you sing it.”

Challenge accepted.

I chose The Show Must Go On by Queen. Waaaay out of my league. Too high, too powerful. I did not believe I’d ever be able to sing this. But I like a good challenge.

Friday morning at a quarter to 11 I walked into the singing studio. An hour later I came out sweaty and euphoric. We did it. My believe in myself had changed. I felt like I could do anything now. As a singer, and in the rest of my life as well. I had a permanent crazy grin plastered to my face for the next two week. my mouth starts to twitch again when I think back to that morning.

I can honestly say that single coaching session changed my life.

That feeling of invincibility, of endless possibilities. The feeling I shared with my vocal coach then. That’s what I a want to share with you. Nothing beats the sparkle in someone’s eyes when you’re blasting through boundaries together.


These prices are to give you an indication of what to expect. If you have specific wishes, let me know.

Popular options:

  • Single session (60 min): €145 (about $160)
  • 10 session card (40 min): €862,50 (about $953)

Too expensive and still want to work with me? Contact me! I’ll see what I can do for you.

students speaking

This makes me happy

Bob, your enthusiasm is so contagious. It makes me happy. I was working on ‘Fernando’ by Abba, and thanks to the Simplify-Method, I had no problem hitting the high notes.


new world

Even though I’ve sung a lot throughout my life (solo and in a choir), I never learned how to use my voice to its full potential. Bob really knows a lot about vocal technique, and provided me with useful tools to truly explore my voice. It’s literally a whole new world opening up for me, and I’m loving the journey so far. So, thanks, Bob!


high note headaches

Higher notes used to require effort and would even give me headaches. Bob’s practical explanations and exercises immediately made it easier for me to reach those higher notes with more ease.


joy & confidence

Bob helped me discover the full breadth of my voice. As a result, I can sing more freely, a lot more songs are now within my range, and I have gained much more joy and confidence. Both the online lessons and individual guidance are very enjoyable. Thanks, Bob!


long notes

“Breath support helped me sing long notes with precision. I’m super happy with this. Also, all my questions in the community were answered quickly.”


overcoming obstacles

“Bob is a fantastic teacher; inspired and skillful, he guides you further in your singing. He has an eye for those incredibly recognizable obstacles and helps you overcome them while having fun. My voice has been benefiting for a while now, and I truly experience more room to be heard, discovering more in my singing. His lessons come highly recommended!”


greater relaxation

Bob has helped me sing more freely and with greater relaxation. It’s cool to notice that with a few valuable tips, you can expand your vocal range without straining! One of my main goals was to learn to sing harmonies more easily by finding and holding the second voice. Additionally, Bob’s enthusiasm is contagious, making it fun to dive in every time


immediate improvement

“The explanation about the functioning and application of breath support allows me to use it more consciously now. I can now sometimes sing something with my chest voice that I used to have to switch to head voice for.

It’s great to see that someone who dares to ask a question in a livestream, and dares to be vulnerable by singing, notices immediate improvement with your prompt instructions. Very instructive.


express yourself

Bob possesses a wealth of theoretical knowledge and translates it into practice in an accessible and clear manner. As a student, this quickly leads to a sense of accomplishment – new things suddenly ‘click,’ and you also understand why. Additionally, Bob is encouraging and takes you seriously, creating a relaxed and safe atmosphere that allows you to express yourself freely.


step by step

Bob knows how to guide you step by step through the singing process! The videos are really clear and accessible, suitable for both beginners and those with some experience. He leads you in small steps from proper preparation to singing an entire song (in a controlled manner). This ensures that I know how to start practicing. Definitely recommended!


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